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The Benefits of a Fabrication shop with SolidWorks Premium 2011 and SolidWorks Simulation Pro

Posted by admin / April 3rd, 2011

1. Concept and Design.

With 3D design software your fabrication shop is able to take your concept and provide you with a 3D model, instantly being able to tell you center of gravity, weight, volume and surface area and how it will mate up with existing components or structures with the click of a button. Your 3D model will look exactly like the material you are building it out of and you can add company logos or colour schemes. This is all very useful when you need to pitch your idea to colleagues or customers.

2. Make design changes.

With Solid works your design changes are made easy, your fabrication shop will be able to interchange parts and components in your project and try different configurations without having to start from scratch this will allow you to design a more effective product and a more efficient one as well, all of this before you spend money on material or skilled labour.

3. Create 2D designs.

SolidWorks is not only for 3D design; it can be used for 2D projects as well. The software is even easier than a pencil and piece of paper, as no erasers are required. You can also draw up several version of a design allowing you to review it and make decisions based on which design best suits your needs and requirements.

4. Complex piping and wiring.

A fabrication shop that uses SolidWorks Routing will be able to design you a piping system, hydraulic system or wiring system that is both efficient and cost effective. Your system will be designed to meet all industry standards and you will have the opportunity to foresee any routing issues before they become expensive problem, this is good when designing piping systems in buildings or on projects for the energy sector.

5. Cost savings and Simulation.

With SolidWorks simulation you can take your mechanical design or piping system and run it through its paces. You can take your design and simulate it’s operation in real world working conditions before it is even built, you will be able to see any weak points in the design and parts that do not mate properly, you will even be able to analyze flow in piping systems which will show you any restrictions, heat build-up and flow rates.

What these 5 points boil down to is the fact that if you deal with a fabrication shop with the SolidWorks design system you are guaranteed to get the product that you are looking for, you will save money on fabrication time and costs by having every aspect of your project figured out before it goes into production. The drawings are always in there system and when you need more built it is only a matter of picking up the phone and telling them how many you need this time.

You can find all of these services along with the latest fabrication equipment and a highly skilled tradesmen at Ace Custom Fabrication Ltd. They are always there and ready to take your concepts and make them into a reality.

For all your Calgary welding and fabrication needs contact Ace Custom Fabrication Ltd.

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