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Five Benefits of Using a CWB Certified Welding Company

Posted by admin / March 1st, 2011

When you are choosing a welding company, for any type of project, big or small, you should choose one that is CWB certified. CWB stands for the Canadian Welding Bureau, which certifies welding companies, welding inspection companies, welding inspectors and welding electrodes. It ensures that all welds conducted, including joints, processes and positions, are current and approved by the CWB. The following five items are benefits to choosing a company that is CWB certified.

1) Guaranteed experience.

Every CWB-certified company has qualified welding supervisors. These individuals must have at least five years of welding experience or have completed a course in welding. This means they have the experience and the knowledge to complete your project safely and to current standards.

2) Knowledgeable employees.

As every CWB-certified company has access to course materials and the newest and best ways to complete welding jobs, you will be assured that the individual working on your project knows what they are doing. The CWB is also constantly offering seminars and information sessions that will update an employee or a company’s knowledge of welding. Each CWB-certified company and employee will be up to date on the newest changes to code or innovative welding methods. They will also know all about the building codes in your area and safety regulations as well.

3) Liability insurance.

If by any chance something goes wrong, CWB requires all of its certified companies to carry liability insurance.

UPDATE: CWB does not regulate liability insurance, however, before selecting a welding company it is important that you ensure they have the appropriate liability coverage. This will cover you if something happens to a welding company’s employee while on your property or if the job is not completed correctly or causes damage to the property itself.

4) Up to standard code.

Every job requires a different code of standard for welding. These differ from small projects within a home to larger scale welding for office buildings, skyscrapers and the like. If a company is certified for a certain code, you know without a doubt that they will know that code inside and out and be able to meet your requirements.

5) Quick and easy tool to choosing a welding company.

It’s easy to find out if a company is CWB-certified or not. The company may have a badge on their literature (CWB certified) which will include what the company is certified for. As well, the CWB website includes a searchable database of inspectors. If a company is not listed on the CWB website, they are not certified.

When choosing a welding company, just like anything else, it’s best to find one that is certified. It means the company has taken the time, and invested the money, to ensure that its employees are up to standard, are safe in their working habits and have the knowledge to back it all up.

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